Our Story

Mini Wardrobes was founded by a wife and husband duo in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. We were inspired to start a children’s clothing line soon after we had our first child and we were looking for stylish, comfortable and excellent quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Our design approach primarily centres around bringing vibrant colours, eye-catching patterns and prints, as well as subtle and sophisticated colour palettes to both classic and trendy styles of clothing. We are dedicated to making amazing clothing for babies and young children and we hope that these styles will bring a true sense of comfort to your little ones. 

Our Design Inspirations


Our collection bursts with vibrant colours, from tie-dye sweatshirts to colour-blocked polos and hoodies. These pieces are joyful of creativity, bringing a splash of fun to every wardrobe and are a a tribute to the bright, exuberant spirit of childhood.

Beautiful Patterns

We create intricate designs for our floral dresses, tops and shirts, showcasing beautiful patterns and prints that capture the imagination. These garments are meant to transform everyday wear into reflecting scenes from a child's wonderful dreams.

Subtle Sophistication

Our designs blend comfort with elegance, featuring suave and stylish pieces like corduroy dresses and corduroy jackets, while our polos, sweatshirts, and hoodies feature soothing color palettes for a subtle look.

Our Production Values


We adhere to the highest global standards in apparel manufacturing, ensuring every garment meets the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. This guarantees our clothing is completely free from harmful substances, providing safety and peace of mind.


Our commitment to the planet is woven into our practices. We craft our clothing from sustainable cotton and employ cutting-edge, eco-friendly practices, including a biological effluent treatment system, to reduce the environmental impact of our dyeing processes.


Our ethos of integrity extends to our workforce. We prioritize the well-being of our workers by adhering to international safety standards, creating a secure working environment, and offering additional support through daycare and medical facilities on-site.